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Thinking of buying a house and in need of a home inspection? DueDi offers a fast and transparent way to compare and book an available home inspector in your region.

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Buying and selling a home is as exciting as it is stressful and exhausting. At DueDi, we are all about helping people through the process and making it enjoyable. We believe that by making home inspections and other due diligence activities accessible we can create smoother property transactions and bring more transparency and trust along the way.

We collaborate with like-minded home inspectors to develop technology that will make life easier for current and future home owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DueDi?
Buying a house is a stressful process. Everything needs to fall into place at the perfect time. DueDi makes your life easier by giving you a quick way to find and book a local home inspector.

How does DueDi work?
You simply need to enter the address of the property you want inspected, provide basic details about the property, pick an inspector, and pay.

Your booking is then complete and your inspector gets notified automatically. Your inspector will work with you and your team to finalize any outstanding details before proceeding with the inspection as per the inspector's Terms of Service.

DueDi automatically checks for inspectors operating in the region where the property to be inspected is located.

Booking with DueDi is fast and easy.

How much does it cost for a house inspection?
Each inspector decides how much they charge for their services. The price of an inspection is normally dependent on the size of the house, the number of sleepouts, and the number of detached sheds/garages to inspect.

With DueDi, it will take you less than a minute to fill the required information about the property. Once it's done, you will be able to compare inspectors' profile, offerings, discounts, and promotions.

What information do I need to provide to book an inspection?
To complete a booking you will need to provide:

  • Your personal details
  • The size of the property that you need inspected in squared meters and the number of detached sheds, garages, and sleepouts
  • Contact information of who will be present during the inspection (applicable if you don't own the property or if you will not be present during the inspection)
  • The report due date if you don't own the property or if someone will be representing you
  • Additional detail about the property such as directions, warnings, access instructions, etc.
  • Payment details to finalize the booking

How will I be able to compare inspectors?
We have done the groundwork for you.

After you have entered the required information about the property you need inspected, DueDi will show you the local inspectors who are available. You will be able to compare side-by-side the inspectors’ background, prices, services, and special offering.

Before picking an inspector, make sure you read the inspectors' Terms of Service. Note that they may vary between inspectors.

What will happen once I have selected an inspector?
Once you have selected your inspector, you simply need to confirm that you have read and understood the inspector’s Terms of Service and proceed with the payment.

A confirmation email with all the information about your booking will be sent to the email address you have provided.

From there, it is the home inspector’s turn. The inspector will show up at the time you have requested or the time that was agreed with the person representing you.

DueDi does not perform home inspection services. We are a marketplace and therefore, we solely facilitate the booking of home inspection services.

Is there a standard for home inspection reports?
With DueDi's comparator, you will be able to check if an inspector follows the New Zealand standard for Residential Property Inspections.

NZS 4306:2005 standard was prepared by industry representatives including professional associations and service providers to “introduce consistency and reliability into the inspection of residential properties”.

This standard sets out the minimum requirements for the visual inspection of residential buildings, and for the preparation of the associated reports. It defines what the inspector is required to look at and what to look for. Although the standard sets the guidelines, report level varies between service providers and between reports due to accessibility constraints.

What should I consider when looking for a property inspector?
When you are looking for a property inspector, it is recommended to check that the inspector has relevant technical qualification (s) and experience in the building industry, and professional indemnity insurance.

All inspectors on DueDi's marketplace go through a verification process before their account becomes active.

Who can promote their services on DueDi?
To be able to offer their services on DueDi, property inspectors need to go through a verification process which includes a check of their technical qualification(s), experience in the building industry, and adherence to the New Zealand standard.

What should I expect to see in a house inspection report?
Report format and content varies between inspectors and between inspections due to accessibility limitations. An inspection report will typically cover the following:

  • Foundation
  • Roof space and roofing
  • Interior
  • Leaks
  • Exterior
  • Site
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing and drainage

Some inspectors may also check:
  • Appliances
  • Pests
  • Health and safety
  • Workmanship
  • Weathertightness

Reports typically highlight where further investigations are recommended which may require the use of specialists (e.g., structural engineer, etc.).

Can I book services other than home inspections through DueDi?
Eventually yes. For now, we are focused on home inspections. Let us know what other services you think DueDi could offer!

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